Adventure Miner


About: Adventure Miner

Do you like mining? Join the Adventure Miner game, you will discover different types of beautiful ore and sell them to earn gold. You may encounter secret ruins on your way will bring you great rewards and rewards. This is a common game in which we will exploit a series of open -line mines while equipped with hoes and shovels to touch all hidden wealth.


The content of Adventure Miner game: In this game, we will have to dig and collect as much minerals as possible and carry them on the back. When the barrels were full, running to the harbor, selling it for money. Use your gold to upgrade your base and your hoe stronger. While we seek among the beta mineral stones we are most interested in, we can also find the key, chest and other rewards will lead us to wealth, new power and di. Legendary ancient tissue to explore.

How To Play: Adventure Miner

Use WASD or arrow keys to move.

Gold Miner
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