Gold Miner: Special Edition


About: Gold Miner: Special Edition

 In Classic- Gold Miner: Special Edition, you have to roll gold and stones as fast as you can before time runs out. The game has beautiful graphics and many ways to play for you to try. The game promises to bring players the most enjoyable entertainment time. You played Gold Digger and loved it. Now you can play the new version while enjoying the same features you used to love! There are new graphics, new music and new surprises. If you like Gold Digger, then you will definitely love this special version of the game!


 After years of exploration, Classic Miner has finally found more gold mines. Classic miner uses skilled techniques to mine gold and diamonds for extra cash. Enjoy finding Gold and reap the benefits as you explore new mines! Great game for casual fun!


Features of this gold miner game.


  • Addictive gameplay, beautiful graphics and great music will surely make you satisfied while playing.
  • No level limit, completely free.
  • Many unique levels but play non-stop to get high score
  • The map of each level can be different, so every time you play is a new challenge!

How To Play: Gold Miner: Special Edition

Down arrow key or left-click on dirt = drop the claw
Up arrow key or left-click on the dynamite = toss the dynamite

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