Hex Sweeper


About: Hex Sweeper

Hex Sweeper is a fun variation of the classic minesweeper with several new game modes. Try the classic puzzle game but on a hexagon board. Play and compete for the fastest time on three difficulties.


When the game starts, the player will see a grid of cells, most of which are empty, but some contain mines. Try to unlock all the safe lands free of mines. The numbers displayed in that box are the clues to you about the number of mines appearing around the radius of that square. Navigate the hexagonal minefields of space as an adorable little robot on your quest for glory.


Test your time against your friends on the leaderboard and see who is number one. Plus, play with custom settings to challenge yourself even more. Start playing Hex Sweeper game completely free right now at Minesweeper website in full screen with no download required.

How To Play: Hex Sweeper

Tap - Reveal Cell
Hold - Flag Cell
Pinch - Zoom In/Out
Drag - Pan

Gold Miner
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