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About: Mine Craft

Mine Craft is a sandbox game developed by Mojang Studios
In this exciting adventure game, players explore a three-dimensional, square-shaped world. It is procedurally generated with virtually endless terrain and can explore and mine raw materials, tools, and craft items, and construct structures, earthworks, and machines.

Mine Craft game allows players to Build anything like buildings, empires and fields in Mine Craft game. Friend
You will be free to create an empire of your own without having to follow any of the certain criteria or rules given by the game. Go to one of the randomly generated biomes, dig, mine, craft and build, start farming, craft and create, battle your opponents and have a great time in a wonderful world.
To do those things in the game Minecraft, Players will have a pickaxe at their disposal, as well as a large world where you can move and get the resources you need. Players can venture alone or with friends, explore randomly generated worlds and create incredible miracles. Open up a unique journey of discovery.


Features of the game Mine Craft


  • Best quality 3D graphics are used to make the user experience even better.
  • The block pixel graphics have become classic and the mechanics are revolutionary.
  • Huge open world and hundreds of items available to craft.
  • Win high scores and open many more exciting levels behind.

How To Play: Mine Craft

WASD = move
LMB = shoot
RMB = aim
Space = jump
Left shift = run
(Tap the in-game menu on mobile)

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