Rogue: Monster Sweeper


About: Rogue: Monster Sweeper

Rogue: Monster Sweeper is a puzzle spoof game that adds some elements of minesweeper. Unlock the darkest squares, collect useful items, level up and find goals! When you open a tile, you will be presented with a piece of information regarding what you can get from the surrounding tile. You will help a monster explore an ancient dungeon.

In the game Rogue: Monster Sweeper, In front of you on the screen you will see the base of the dungeon conditionally divided into tiles. They will contain various items and you can also set traps. Your task is to find the items. To do this, by clicking on the cells you will need to open them and take a close look at what is in them. Monster Sweeper will be able to collect all the items, mark the traps and avoid falling into them.

How To Play: Rogue: Monster Sweeper

With PC: use left mouse key to select the cell you want to open.

With a phone or iPad: tap the tile you want to open directly.

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